MY DOT TWIN Earrings Bended


Original EARRINGS from My Dot Twin collection in black rhodium plated silver. BENDED model

DIMENSIONS: diameter 3 cm


Original EARRINGS from My Dot Twin collection in black rhodium plated silver. The BENDED model is round shaped with a bent part. Hand-finished with different matte and polished textures. Each pair of original earrings of MY DOT TWIN collection have a peculiarity, they are similar one to each other but not identical. There are five different models that can be combined with each other for a total of 15 different combinations. Choose your favorite combination from the MY DOT TWIN collection menu.

DIMENSIONS: diameter 3 cm

METAL: black rhodium plated silver

All our jewels are hand made, one by one, in our Barcelona workshop. Sometimes we have some jewels ready in stock although, due to sizes or simply for sustainability, most are manufactured depending on orders. We are sure that if you are looking at this online shop it is because you appreciate handcrafted products and that you will understand that waiting for the delivery of your purchases a few days will make the experience even more exciting. We support the local economy. We work exclusively with workshops in Barcelona when we need technical works such as casting, laser cutting, stone setting. We create and take care of the details of each of our jewelry to offer you only the best.

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My Dot Twin


Black, Black Rhodium Plated





My Dot Twin collection

The black earrings of MY DOT TWIN collection are inspired by the contrast between perfection and imperfection, equality and diversity. The collection is a tribute to be yourself. It is based on the circle shape perfection, related to life and nature representing human being and concretely women. A perfect and perfectly flawed woman that is on constant balance with this diversity. A woman capable of being mature as well as child, serious and funny, bold and timid. She’s happy to feel free, modern and eclectic. From this contrast comes the idea of the five pairs of black earrings, equal but not identical. It’s possible to buy a pair or choose a combination between different models.


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