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BIG EARRINGS ORANGE in silver, laser cut, hand-finished and lacquered. Polished finish.


BIG EARRINGS ORANGE in silver, laser cut, hand-finished and lacquered Polished finish. These bold big orange earrings don’t go unnoticed because of their color and size but also for the brightness. Ideal to surprise being fashionable. All pieces in this collection are “Made to order”.

MADE TO ORDER: For manufacturing and sustainability reasons, all jewels of The Joy Keeper collection are produced depending on the incoming orders. We don’t have stock. This means that they may take a couple of weeks to be shipped.

IMPORTANT: Available in 4 different colors: BLUE, ORANGE, FUCHSIA and AQUA. You can create color combinations by specifying your preferences on the ORDER NOTES box during the purchase process (e.g. “I want one fuchsia earring and one orange earring”).

DIMENSIONS: 6 cm height x 2.3 cm width

MATERIALS: 925 sterling silver and thermoplastic lacquer

All our jewels are hand made, one by one, in our Barcelona workshop. Sometimes we have some jewels ready in stock although, due to sizes or simply for sustainability, most are manufactured depending on orders. If you are looking at this online shop, we’re sure that it is because you appreciate handcrafted products and that you will understand that waiting for the delivery of your purchases a few days will make the experience even more exciting. We support the local economy by working exclusively with workshops in Barcelona when we need technical works such as casting, laser cutting, stone setting. We create and take care of the details of each of our jewelry to offer you only the best.

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The Joy Keeper


Silver, Orange




Laquer, Silver

The Joy Keeper collection

The Joy Keeper is a silver jewellery collection inspired and dedicated to cheerfulness. Its shapes, similar to shields or spearheads, remind us of a guardian. A guardian who protects happiness and life. She who dresses, therefore, a colorful armor full of meanings. BLUE is the color of our mind. It symbolizes resilience, trust, loyalty, wisdom, certainty, faith and truth. ORANGE is considered the color of friendship and family. It symbolizes enthusiasm, creativity, determination, attraction and success. FUCHSIA (pink) is a color with a very strong impact. Particularly used to awaken curiosity. Pink expresses idealism in its highest form and is a sign of hope and positive dreams. AQUA (green) is associated with nature and health. Green symbolizes harmony, freshness and fertility and creates a balance between heart and mind, between emotion and reason. Which is your favorite color of The Joy Keeper silver jewellery?

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