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Packs of hours for the rent of a jewellery bench. It is important to read the rental rules below. By purchasing any pack you will accepting them. Please, contact me to find out if there is availability before purchasing any pack.



Jewelry workshop for rent in Barcelona. Co-working for jewelers who have a minimum of experience. Packs of hours for the rent of a jewellery bench.

You can combine yours hours as half days working (maximum 4 hours), full days (maximum 8 hours with a break at noon) or you can also come from time to time, just when you need it, but as a general rule, must be at least 2 hours daily. If you stay working for less than two hours, the two hours will also be assigned to you.

When scheduling an arrival time to the workshop, a maximum delay of 15 minutes will be allowed. After this time I will start to deduct the time from your pack of hours. If you do not show up, two hours will be charged on your pack.

By purchasing any pack you accept these rules. If you do not agree, you can always choose to come occasionally for 1 hour at the price of 10 euros per hour.

The rental includes the use of the bench, torch and machinery. You have at your disposal some basic tools such as filings, pliers, saw arch, borax, hammers… Each person will have to bring their personal basic tools.

They are NOT included in the rent and will not lend: metals, stones, welding and consumables such as sandpaper, polish paste, brushes for polishing, saws, drills etc.

Each person is obliged to leave the workspace as they found it upon arrival, clean and in order.

An the workshop you’ll find a “Safety and Coexistence Regulation” that you can read and that will have to be respected. By not complying with these basic rules, I will be obliged and have the right to deny the entrance to the person who does not respect them.

Usually the workshop can be used from Monday to Friday, from 10.30h to 14.30h and from 16.30h to 20.30h. To enjoy your hours, the schedule must be agreed between us, according to availability and organizing with at least one day in advance. For safety reasons, the workshop keys will not be given to you.

The rental packs expire after one year from the date of purchase and are non-refundable.

Please, contact me to find out if there is availability before purchasing any pack.

There are five packages available:

-PACK100: one hundred hours rent for 2 euros per hour. 200 euros

-PACK80: eighty hours rent for 2.40 euros per hour. 190 euros

-PACK60: sixty hours rent for 2.50 euros per hour. 150 euros

-PACK40: forty hours rent for 2.80 euros per hour. 112 euros

-PACK20: twenty hours rent for 3 euros per hour. 60 euros

You can choose yours by clicking on the “Choose an option” button above.

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100 HOURS (€2/h), 80 HOURS (€2,37/h), 60 HOURS (€2,50/h), 40 HOURS (€2,80/h), 20 HOURS (€3/h), 1 HOUR (10 euros)


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