When you buy a ring online, you need to measure your fingers to make sure you will buy the appropriate size. This chart provides simple instructions to determine the ring size you need.

Download and print our GUIDE (pdf) and follow the instructions on how to buy the appropriate ring size.


Measuring your fingers has never been easier to figure out. You can download our guide with all the instructions you need to determine the appropriate size for you or for another person. You can measure either your fingers or an existing ring to find out the one you need. It is your responsibility to be precise, by following the instructions. We will not be responsible in the case of wrong sizes purchased.

Please be aware that in hot or cold weather conditions, your fingers may be somewhat swollen or thinner, and you may wrongly calculate your size. Make sure you measure your fingers in optimal physical and climatic conditions. If you are in Barcelona, you can make an appointment and visit our workshop, so we can help you choose the appropriate size. We will be happy to assist you, without any obligation. Get in touch with us using our Contact Us form here.