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In this Press section you can find all the publications and related articles of Valentina Falchi’s jewellery. Our jewelry has been published in printed and online fashion magazines both nationally and internationally.

As a result of collaborations with photographers and stylists, we have years of publications in all kinds of media including the most popular ones such asVogue, Grazia, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire or L’Officiel.

For any kind of collaboration please contact us through our contact form.


DECEMBER 2021 Eye jewelry makeup and Tagliatella collection by Valentina Falchi Jewellery on “Walking the Line” a beauty editorial for Harper Bazaar Vientnam Photographer: Naelia…

Flanelle magazine

SEPTEMBER 2021 Tagliatella jewelry collection on New Princess editorial for Flanelle magazine. Photo @victorsupertramp Stylism @pateticastudio @mari.merii Mua @xinaarodriguez Model @gala_prats @blowmodels  

L’Officiel Singapore

SEPTEMBER 2021 EYE JEWELRY one of a kind piece (contact us for more information) and Tagliatella earrings on a beauty editorial on L’Officiel Singapore.

Flanelle magazine

JUNE 2021 A colorful jewelry explosion is Valentina Falchi’s collection The Joy Keeper on fashion editorial MELANCHOLY TEXTURE published on Flanelle. Photo @viikuusph Stylists @pateticastudio…

RUTH LORENZO El mismo puñal

APRIL 2021 Valentina Falchi’s special jewelry is chosen for the Spanish singer Ruth Lorenzo videoclip “El mismo puñal”.

Edith Magazine

MARCH 2021 Golden jewelry from Tagliatella and Ninfa collections by Valentina Falchi are the protagonists of Origin editorial published on Edith magazine.

BRACELETS book 2021

FEBRUARY 2021 Tagliatella bracelets were selected from more than 900 applications with around 4800 images from around the world. Valentina Falchi’s bracelets appear on page…

Basic Magazine

JANUARY 2021 Fashion jewelry by Valentina Falchi on Basic Magazine. Valentina Falchi’s Tagliatella collection and special jewellery on the futuristic fashion editorial and film published…

Vanity Teen

NOVEMBER 2020 Valentina Falchi’s jewellery appear on “Feel your Halo” a fashion editorial completed by a fashion film published on Vanity Teen. Fashion film by…

L’Officiel Austria

OCTOBER 2020 Valentina Falchi’s jewellery on “Black Forest” a fashion editorial on L’Officiel Austria

Kluid Magazine

OCTOBER 2020 The Joy Keeper collection is choosen to complete the outfits on the presentation of Ledicia Design brand on Kluid Magazine.

Solis Magazine

JULY 2020 Valentina Falchi’s special jewellery appear on “Bodacious” a men’s fashion editorial published on Solis Magazine. Jewellery on request, contact us. Photo: @felipewallis Model:…

Picton Magazine

JULY 2020 NINFA collection on the fashion editorial “Empathy” published on Picton Magazine Photo: Melissa Salaberry  @melissasalaberry & Nikola Stephanovic @nikola_step Model: Lauren Rossini @lauren_rossini Make…

Aperture Collective Mag

JULY 2020 VALENTINA FALCHI’s collection THE JOY KEEPER on «Inner Meadow» editorial for Aperture Collective magazine Stylism: Vanesa Rovira (@vanesa.stylist) Photographya: Joes Melo (@joesmelo) Models:…


APRIL 2020 Valentina Falchi’s THE JOY KEEPER collection on a fashion editorial by Daniel Garo published on the Spanish magazine Vanidad


APRIL 2020 Valentina Falchi’s TAGLIATELLA golden bracelets on “Marvellous Mrs Magné” editorial for Marie Claire Argentina Photographer: Elena Iv Skaya Stylism: Stylists in Crime Models:…

NEO2 Magazine

MARCH/APRIL 2020 VALENTINA FALCHI’s special jewellery and NINFA headpiece on “La plànete imaginaire” editorial for NEO2 Magazine Photographer: Biel Capllonch @bctwmfstd Stylism: @fermin_ferminygilles @gilles_ferminygilles Models: @blowmodels Art…

Fashion Grunge

MARCH 2020 Tagliatella & The Joy Keeper collections on a fashion film by Julia Buruleva on Fashion Grunge Team: Production by @vallcarcaproduction Concept&Direction Julia Buruleva. Photography…

SOLIS Magazine

JANUARY 2020 VALENTINA FALCHI’s special jewellery on Passeggiata a Pigna editorial for Solis Magazine Photographer: Felipe Wallis @felipewallis Model: Matteo Vanderlei @matteo.vanderlei Makeup Artist: Ana…


DECEMBER 2019 TAGLIATELLA collection on FEMME FATALE editorial for @lofficielindia Photo: Santiago Quinceno Styling @ajuzga model @vikrdnk makeup @sara.durolopez 


NOVEMBER 2019 Valentina Falchi one of a kind special collection on @alphafashionmagazine Ph: @jcamposfoto Retoucher: @celiapandaretoucher Model: @anaeva_cobos Muah: @miriam.hernandz Art direction & Stylist: @llamazaresydedelgado

TEN IMAGE make-up

OCTOBER 2019 Valentina Falchi’s collections are used for LUMINESCENCE new make up collection catalog of TEN IMAGE


OCTOBER 2019 TAGLIATELLA  collection on the fashion editorial МОЯТА ВИКТОРИЯ (My Victoria) for GRAZIA Bulgaria Photos: JEANNE DART @jeannedartph Stylist OLYA VOLEVA @olyavoleva Stylist assistant:…

DESNUDO Magazine

SEPTEMBER 2019 TAGLIATELLA golden choker on THE RUBY EFFECT fashion editorial for @desnudomagazine photo ion Jairo


SEPTEMBER 2019 THE JOY KEEPER collection on L’OFFICIEL Indonesia printed issue Photo: @jaimesalom Style: @ajuzga makeup & hair: @juancansado model: @michelleichofe @madmodels

KLUID Magazine

AUGUST 2019 TAGLIATELLA & THE JOY KEEPER collections on THE MOON THAT EMBRACES THE SUN fashion editorial by ROSTYSLAV BRENYCH for Kluid Magazine Team: @koolberk…


JULY 2019 TAGLIATELLA silver choker on the fashio editorial Playing with myself for @kaltblut_magazine Photos: @iandmph8 Model: @arvikarvinen ~ Stylist: ~ Make up: @makeupbycobos

KUNST Magazine

JULY 2019 THE JOY KEEPER collection on @thekunstmagazine . Ph @silvio.cassano Model @irenelorab @sightmanagement Muah @ioctrg @_io_makeupartist Stylist @martagil_stylist

SALYSÉ Magazine

JULY 2019 NINFA & TAGLIATELLA collection on the fashion editorial DELICATED Ph @alealeking Model @ierr Stylist @martagil_stylist Mua @staygoldmom

DESNUDO Magazine

MAY 2019 TAGLIATELLA bracelet on SENSITIVE fashion editorial  @desnudomagazine Photo: Ion Jairo;  Stylist Marti Palacin

SALYSÉ Magazine

APRIL 2019 NINFA collection headpiece on Salysé magazine Photo: Alejandro Boni Style: Anna Cherr

JUST Magazine

APRIL 2019 BRIGHTSIDE collection on Little Wig fashion editorial on Just magazine Foto Li Zhiying Style V Olya

MODIC Magazine

APRIL 2019 Tagliatella collection on WALK BESIDE ME Fashion editorial @modicmagazine photo by @deid_garcia film by @xgguillamon models @sasha_berezutskaya@castilopez_ styling by @voleolya make up by @rosafedz…

V&S Vida&Style

Vida&Style magazine, shopping guide, a selection for the Mother’s Day. Collection NINFA, Valentina Falchi.

Modic Magazine

Fashion editorial “Walk beside me” by D. Garcia, stylist Olha Voleya, video Xg Guillamon. April 2019, Modic Magazine. TAGLIATELLA collection by Valentina Falchi.

Elegant Magazine

Fashion editorial Secret Dreams by Josep Tienza, March 2019  Elegant magazine. NYMPH collection by Valentina Falchi.

Flanelle Magazine

On the fashion editorial “Indigo” by Cintia Barragán published on Flanelle Magazine you can find the golden choker of Tagliatella collection by Valentina Falchi.

Black Jack Legend (music video)

Black Jack Legend, Russian music band, uses for the dancers in the video of the group some Ninfa jewels of Valentina Falchi.

Julia Creus

On March 2019, the Spanish actress Julia Creus wears, for her interview with Escena Magazine, some pieces of colección NinfNymph collection by Valentina Falchi.

Top Beauty Russia

The Russian magazine Top Beauty published on February 2019 issue a fashion editorial with jewels from the  Tagliatella collection by Valentina Falchi.


In February 2019 the Spanish stylist Chiqui Peña chooses some pieces from Nymph collection by Valentina Falchi for some photos that will be published on L’officiel Lituania.…

L’Officiel India

On the fashion editorial “All eyes on you” published in February 2019 issue of L’Officiel India you can see some pieces of Valentina Falchi’s Tagliatella and Ninfa collections. Photos by Joan…


On a fashion editorial in the January 2019 issue of L’Officiel Lituania you can see Valentina Falchi’s Extra earrings and Contrarier ring of NYMPH collection.  


The famous Christmas campaign of the Spanish brand Freixenet is an expected event in Spain. For the 2018 edition entitled “Celebra a tu ritmo”, jewelry from…


On the beauty editorial of Vogue Spain December 2018 you can see some jewels of Valentina Falchi’s Tagliatella collection.

Vulkan Magazine

December 2018: on the fashion magazine Vulkan you can find some jewels from Valentina Falchi’s Tagliatella collection in the  “My dress hangs there” editorial.


On the December 2018 issue of the Spanish magazine La moda en las Calles you can see Valentina Falchi’s NYMPH Extra earrings on the beauty editorial.


Valentina Falchi’s Tagliatella golden earrings on the fashion editorial “To the moon and back” of December 2018 Marie Claire Indonesia issue.

Kluid Magazine

Most of the photos of K. Rodriguez fashion editorial “Guess who come to dinner” published in october 2018 on Kluid magazine are composed with Valentina Falchi’s Ninfa and Tagliatella…

The Eclectic Artisans

In their “Creating a new collection” section, The Eclectic Artisans interview Valentina Falchi about her work and her men’s collection BrightSide, recently on sale also on the Australian…


Pure Design from Barcelona. On the Spanish blog Rock&Tonic you can find Valentina Falchi Artistic Jewellery as a outstanding brand from Barcelona. In the image…

5Eleven Magazine

For the a/w cover story of the magazine, the model Vito Basso wears Valentina Falchi’s BrightSide bracelet.

The Ones 2 watch

October 2018: Valentina Falchi’s Tagliatella collection earrings appears on The Ones 2 Watch fashion editorial “Blow up the outside world”

Volition Magazine

On the north American magazine VOLITION has been published on September 2018 the fashion editorial “Plastic Lab” with Valentina Falchi’s jewelry. See more:   

Schön! Magazine

Schön! Magazine: Valentina Falchi’s Nymph earring NINFA Extra on “Just like heaven” the impressive fashion editorial published on July 2018 on the english magazine. See…

STELL Magazine

Stell Magazine: the australian magazine publish the fashion editorial “Soft” where you can appreciate the head-piece from Valentina Falchi Nymph collection. Ver aquí:

KLUID Magazine

Some pieces from Valentina Falchi’s collections Tagliatella y Ninfa appears on May 2018 on the fashion editorial “Wildflowers” on Kluid Magazine. More:   

Marie Claire Mexico

On July/August 2018 issue of Marie Claire Mexico you can find NINFA Extra earrings of the designer Valentina Falchi in the beauty editorial “Trazos Dobles”.

Elegant Magazine

Last June 2018 some Valentina Falchi rings from NYMPH collection are published on the editorial “Easy like Sunday morning” by Ion Jairo Photography on ELEGANT Magazine.  

Time Out Barcelona

On Time Out Barcelona May 2018 they choose Valentina Falchi’s earrings NYMPH Extra for the Trends showcase article.

Experience IT – Fatto a mano

FATTO A MANO EVENT – April 21, 2018   On April 21, 2018, we were creating something different during the FATTO A MANO event, thanks…

Divinity Magazine

On April 2018 issue of the Spanish magazine Divinity are added the HOLES earrings of the MY DOT TWIN collection by Valentina Falchi as part…

Divinity Magazine

On Novermber 2017 issue of the spanish magazine Divinity appears the earrings PEARLS of MY DOT TWIN collection of Valentina Falchi as a “Chic perfecto” look.    

PROMO Magazine

On December 2017 of PROMO Magazine New York, printed issue, is published the fashion editorial “I’m not you señorita” by the photographer Mario Chocrón where you can see some…

SOLIS magazine

The American Solis Magazine  on November 2017 was published the fashion editorial “Just arrived en Barcelona” by Luis Gonzalez Porto. In the photos you can see jewelry from…


On November 2017 the British magazine Fashion Shift Magazine was published the fashion editorial “You are what you wear”  by Daniele Dentamaro. In the photos you can see jewels…

ZURDA Magazine

On November 2017 in the Spanish magazine Zurda appeared a fashion editorial “Start me up” by Laura Chia with som unique pieces of Valentina Falchi. Ver las fotos:

Tendencias Tv

On the occasion of the presentation of the second edition of Future of Design organized by Piscolabis Designer to be held on November 11th & 12th at Mazda Space…

Divinity Magazine

On the spanish magazine Divinity appears the contrarié ring from Nymph collection of Valentina Falchi as part of Cool looks for autumn 2017.  

Dreamingless magazine

On Dreamingless Magazine, nº35 appears the fashion editorial Amphitrite and Psamathe of Xenia Lau with jewels from Valentina Falchi’s collections NYMPH and TAGLIATELLA

Rossy De Palma

During the gala of delivery of the IV Premios Platino 2017 transmitted by RTVE, the iconic spanish actress Rossy de Palma wore the EXTRA earrings from Valentina Falchi NYMPH collection. In the video…

Solis Magazine

On June 2017 some jewels from NYMPH and TAGLIATELLA was published on the fashion editorial Bamboo on Solis Magazine More photos:

On May 5, 2017, in the fashion section of the magazine Grazia Italia, an article that relates the looks of Jessica Chastain in the movie Miss Sloane with…

Knots Magazine

On April 2017 the fashion editorial “Gradient Light” of the photographer Maria Jose Castillo is published in the online platform KNOTS Magazine. In the photos appear…

On April 5, 2017, in the fashion section of the magazine Grazia Italia, an article that relates the looks of Nathalie Portman and Lily Rose…

On March 2017 the italian blog of culture and trends published an interview to the jewelry designer Valentina Falchi who spoke about her collections…

MONROWE Magazine

In February 2017 some jewels from Valentina Falchi’s  NYMPH collection appear in a fashion editorial called “Terry She” by Alberto Alcocer published on  MONROWE Magazine.…

JUTE Magazine

In the fashion editorial WILD WOOD by Irene Suaréz published on Jute Magazine on November 2016, you can see some jewels from NYMPH collection by…

Creation Magazine

20th  September 2016 Some jewels from Nymph collection appears on the fashion editorial Outside the Lines on the spanish magazine Creation Magazine

Flanelle Magazine

Outside the Lines, fashion editorial with Ninfa rings on Flanelle Magazine a web and printed magazine about art, fashion and photography.

Pride Magazine UK

Denim Dream fashion editorial with earrings from MY DOT TWIN collection on Pride Magazine UK. Pride has been the bible of the woman of colour for…

Fiebre de Bolsos y Joyas

Last 5th April 2016 Fiebre de Bolsos y Joyas, a spanish blog about fashion, style and lifestyle, wrote an article presenting Tagliatella collection. You can…


HACID MAGAZINE is an international magazine about fashion, trends, design, music, art and culture of the world. In the February 2016 issue they publish the…


Stylers Mag, a journal of fashion, beauty and online trends, published an article talking about Valentina Falchi‘s jewels NYMPH collection used for the shooting of…

GRAZIA Bulgaria

BULGARIA GRAZIA, a monthly magazine for urban type women between 18 and 40 years, named Valentina Falchi using Ninfa bracelet collection to complete an outfit with…


NEO2 is an independent magazine, 100% Spanish, based on creative trends related to fashion, design, music, art, interior design, architecture, cinema … In general focused…


Last September 2015, Valentina Falchi jewellery appeared on the editorial AUKSINĖ MERGAITĖ (Golden girl), which deals about beauty and fashion on COSMOPOLITAN Lietuva magazine.  


XPLOTAMAGAZINE is a magazine about lifestyle, photography, fashion, travel, art and film. In the editorial SHINING STARS you can see the incredible photo session with…


On JUNGLE magazine UK, on IVORY DUNES fashion editorial they publish some images with jewelry of Valentina Falchi Artistic Jewellery NYMPH collection.


Last July, in JewelleryScape they talk about the collection NYMPH explaining the meaning of its pieces. For more information:    

IED Barcelona – Jewellery Summer Course

IED Barcelona, Design school, announced the launch of the new collection NYMPH. Collection aimed at a modern woman who seeks his original essence. Nymph jewels are…

Jose Luis Fettolini Blog

Jose Luis Fettolini, jewelry designer, creative director, expert in marketing and branding strategies for fashion and jewelry brands, published last May an article dedicated to the…

Diario Gold&Time

Gold and time, an online platform for jewelery and watches, presented the launch of the NYMPH collection, explaining the significance of the collection and the…


Last May, the Italian magazine PREZIOSA Magazine published an article about Valentina Falchi and her history, along with her new and special NYMPH collection. Read…

A Touch of Distinction

A touch of distinction, a spanish blog of fashion and culture, presented the collection NYMPH in a post last May. If you want to know more,…

Ediciones Sibila

Ediciones Sibila  published an article about the launch of the collection NYMPH of Valentina Falchi Artistic Jewellery. The collection is dedicated to a woman who seek for her original…


Jute Magazine is a magazine about personal and individual fashion, fashion at all levels and how to find your own style by mixing and combining clothing…

Què Fem? La Vanguardia

Interview for Què Fem? La Vanguardia (01/2015) Last January, the newspaper Què fem? published an article talking about the master craftsmen who design original pieces.…


“Valentina Falchi fills her rings, her pendants, her earrings of feelings and emotions so that every woman can find a secret language that best represents…

A touch of distinction

Do you want to know more about Valentina Falchi and her story? A touch of distinction has dedicated an article showing the beautiful Barcelona city…

Jute magazine

Jute Magazine is a magazine about personal and individual fashion, fashion at all levels and how to find your own style by mixing and combining clothing and…

Jute Magazine

A teenager like a teenager, web editorial Jute Magazine is a magazine about personal and individual fashion, fashion at all levels and how to find your…

Escaparate Barcelona Creativa

Author’s artisanal jewelry, unique pieces. ‘The jewel for me is not and does not have to be a symbol of luxury but an element of recognition…

Elegance couple by Josu Oliva

Some of the pieces of  Valentina Falchi were used for the fashion editorial Elegance Couple by Josu Oliva, as you can see in the video…


In Coolture Magazine, between others, the pieces of the Tagliatella collection complement the spectacular set of this model, creating a sophisticated and striking atmosphere. You can…

Diari ARA, a catalan newspaper

Last month we went out in the Diari ARA, a Catalan newspaper on the latest news from Catalonia, in an article on style and jewelry.

AMUSINGOLD (Facebook page)

On May 2013, the Facebook page of the italian jewellery blog AMUSINGOLD shared a work of Valentina Falchi.


In the fashion and luxury blog Monsieur Privé they spoke about the opening of  Valentina Falchi‘s new studio and workshop in the heart of Gracia neighborhood…

WGSN U.S.A. for clients

On WGSN, a web of fashion, travel and lifestyle, among others, they put the Valentina Falchi Artistic Jewelery address as a new handmade jewelry shop…

BCN Cool Hunter

Last month, BCN COOL HUNTER, a website to find the latest in lifestyle, a digital magazine about the new trends in fashion and leisure that…


In HomeLifestyle, a magazine about decoration, fashion, beauty, art and gastronomy and all the news and advice on lifestyle, they publish an article about the…


On the website of  Vogue Gioiello, they add a bracelet of Tagliatella collection as a trend. More infos:


On the online magazine Home & Life Style, they consider some jewels of Valentina Falchi Artistic Jewellery as a good designs between others on the list.

GRÀCIA TV, Tallers Oberts 2012

The television of the district of Gràcia, in Barcelona, shows all the laboratories of artists of the neighborhood during the event “Tallers Oberts”, days in…


In HomeLifestyle, a magazine about decoration, fashion, beauty, art and gastronomy and all the news and advice on lifestyle, Valentina Falchi‘s necklaces appeared.


In the blog of Mardecolorrosa, a blog about jewelry, they published a post about Valentina Falchi and her great jewels. More information at:

VOGUE GIOIELLO: “Penne” necklace

In the well-known magazine Vogue Italy appeares one of the necklaces of Valentina Falchi, within a special selection of jewels. To know more

Interview for Radio Contrabanda

“Terza puntata del nuovo Zibaldone, un programma in italiano non solo per italiani! In questa puntata ci hanno tenuto compagnia moltissimi ospiti… …Per la rubrica…

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