Do you know what handcrafted jewellery really is?

In Valentina Falchi we believe that handcrafted jewelry is the best way to make truly unique pieces, with an unrepeatable design and a dedication that can only be achieved with this technique. But what makes handcrafted jewelry so special?

If you think of the word “handcrafted”, it will surely come to mind something handmade by a person, but it also evokes techniques used hundreds of years ago. Nowadays jewelry can be made easily with machines. But this procedure lacks the “human part”.

The jewellery designer Valentina Falchi in her Barcelona workshop

In our jewelry workshop in Barcelona, we understand handcrafted jewelry as something that includes passion that comes from minds, hearts, and hands, connected with a single objective: to express feelings, reflections and thoughts. In addition, in Valentina Falchi we carry out a very personal creation process, as we let ourselves be carried away by a kind of intuition.

Following this instinct, we begin with the artisan process, sketching drafts or creating models with metals such as brass. As Valentina Falchi herself says, “I need to move my hands”. Once the design is selected, we reproduce the pieces by hand or we make molds. Then the pieces are finished by hand.

The jewellery designer Valentina Falchi in her Barcelona workshop

We don’t work alone; sometimes we collaborate with other small local workshops for the castings, for the galvanic baths or for stones settings.

We love working with silver to make jewelry, sometimes gold or black rhodium plated but, for the latest collection, The Joy Keeper, we used for the first time the thermoplastic lacquer in different colors and the result is very creative.

The jewellery designer Valentina Falchi in her Barcelona workshop

Our goal is to create jewelry that has a strong impact but at the same time is wearable. In addition to having a personal touch for being handmade, they give off a strong personality with a modern design that does not go out of fashion, which lasts a lifetime.

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