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Handmade jewellery collections in silver for women and men. The designer Valentina Falchi tells you the story behind each one of them. Discover her original and remarkable jewellery designs here. Exclusive, fun, elegant and different designs. Timeless jewellery that perfectly matches all your outfits and any fashion.

Valentina Falchi’s jewels are produced in her workshop in Barcelona, Spain. They are handmade crafted one by one. Also supporting the local economy. More than that, each collection has its peculiarity, its own meaning and also comes from an original inspiration.

Why Nymph? What is the concept of My Dot Twin? Do the colors of The Joy Keeper have a concrete meaning? Isn’t Tagliatella a kind of pasta? And where does BrightSide come from? The designer reveals to us what has been the inspiration behind each of her collections. Go deeper in her world and let yourself be carried away by her modern and captivating designs.

Find here your favorite story and designs among all the collections. Choose to buy here your new original and authentic jewellery online. Easily, safely and also with free shipping!