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Valentina Falchi jewellery designer

“The jewel for me is not, and should not be, a symbol of luxury, but an element of recognition of the personality and spirit of the person who wears it. The jewel, pure art, is feeling!”

Hello! Thank you for wanting to know more about my jewelry brand and about me!


I’m Valentina Falchi, an Italian with a passion for jewellery. I love craftsmanship, design, art and fashion. I was born in Milan but I’ve been around a lot in Italy. I have been lucky enough to be able to study in Florence, a city where jewellery is tradition. I studied at “Le Arti Orafe” school, in the historic center of the city. In thet time, surrounded by the beauty and art of my beloved Firenze, I learned to create jewels


I define myself as “creative compulsive” for having the need to move my hands and create something both in my work and in my private life. Maybe this is why I see craftsmanship as something very close to me. For the same reason I believe that having a personal brand also means having a social conscience. Both goes together for me, I don’t conceive one without the other. For this reason I only rely on local workshops for some technical works. This allows me to support the local economy and also take care of the quality of my jewelry by working on quality and not quantity.


Since 2007 I live in Barcelona. It was a big change but in positive. Here’s my workshop where I work and teach. It’s a magical place for me. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to visit it. It is also a space where other jewelers can work(see co-working services for jewelers).

Since 2015 I am coordinator and teacher of the summer course in Jewellery Design at IED Istituto Europeo di Design de Barcelona. Every year is a fascinating, fun and enriching experience!

In the same year 2015 I released this online store. An opportunity for everyone who is interested in my creations, trusts and supports small business and values craftsmanship with its times and dedication along with the convenience of shopping online from anywhere in the world. Plus with free shipping!


I hope you enjoy the online shopping experience. If you want, you can sign up for the newsletter to be aware of new collections, receive special offers and news or also read my blog (at the moment both are in Spanish). But if you want to know more about my work follow me on social media!! You can find me at:

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest


My creations are made for you to express yourself through them. Each individual is unique and this is reflected in who you are. Your character is expressed in what you do, say and think. But all this is also noticeable when you choose your clothes and accessories. It’s a reflection of you and it’s wonderful. You’re unique, let yourself be seen, express yourself..

I am a huge fan of handmade and small productions. I work hard and try the best to be as sustainable as possible, both in my private life and at work.

I believe, respect and strongly support small businesses and local commerce. I’m part of these! I’m convinced that many small “healthy” communities can form a better, strong, fair and sustainable world. That’s also why, when I talk about my brand, I speak plurally. Because, even if I work alone in my workshop, my brand would be nothing without my suppliers (E. and J. of the foundry, R. the stone setter, L. that has laser cutting machines, the equipment of A. and also E. who take care of the metal baths, etc.)

We produce (my suppliers and I) exclusively in Barcelona,Spain.

Yes, I am Libra! By definition, we are great defenders of justice. Respect is a fundamental value to me. Towards all things: people, animals, things…

Valentina Falchi jewellery designer


Jewelry workshop in Barcelona

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